Double Cream Strained Yoghurt (1L)


Our Double Cream Strained Yoghurt contains more than double the protein than other leading double cream yoghurt brands! 

Our Double Cream Strained Yoghurt is our flagship product and is a supremely decadent, thick and natural, strained yogurt, full of live probiotic cultures. It has been strained for between 8 – 10 hours to remove the whey (around 50%) and there-by leaving you with a thick, creamy textured yoghurt without the addition of thickeners, stabilisers and emulsifiers.

Conventionally 1 litre of milk produces 1 litre of yoghurt but in the case of our Double Cream Strained Yoghurt, 2 litres of milk produces 1 litre of yogurt. Due to the 100% natural composition of our yoghurt one may notice slight inconsistencies in the texture – you may notice a little whey has further separated from the yoghurt – either you can just mix this back into your product or simply pour it off.

Our Double Cream Strained Yogurt has significantly varied nutritional values to plain yoghurt. It contains double the protein and 3 times the fat of regular yoghurt – this makes it an ideal substitute and ingredient in cooking and baking, The higher fat content means it can withstand higher temperatures and will resist curdling. It also contains half the carbohydrate content of normal yoghurt making this the ideal yogurt choice for people following a banting or paleo diet.

Both of our yoghurts are completely clean. They contain no additives, preservatives, thickeners, stabilisers or emulsifiers. They contain no sugar and no milk powder – this is often an ingredient which is added to provide a thicker yoghurt. The ingredients are simply raw whole milk and live probiotic cultures.

Traditional vs Commercial

We are often asked about the price of our yoghurt compared to other commercially produced and cheaper Greek style yoghurt or Double Cream yoghurts. Mostly the texture of commercially produced yoghurts is achieved by the addition of thickeners, stabilizers and emulsifiers. Our yoghurt, however, is made the traditional way where the yoghurt is strained in large muslin bags for a number of hours depending on the consistency you require and desire.

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