1. Is there a minimum purchase amount for each order?
No there isn’t – BUT, if your order is less than R500, I add a R50 admin fee (only because an order of R500 as an order of R5000 takes about the same time to process/manage). This is a standard Good Food Club (GFC) practice.

2. Why don’t you have pictures of all the products?
The shop, unfortunately, does not have product images, because, well, I’m not going for the Online Store of the Year Award – and rustic is our way. I have added the website address for our suppliers so that you can go and take a look yourself. Collection Day is also a good time to take a peek at what different products look like. I have (fairly often) ordered things and been surprised by what they looked/tasted like, but it’s par for the course.

3. I am specifically interested in organic items. Is this the mission of GFC?
The mission of all GFC’s is that you buy BETTER. In some cases it is certified organic, in other cases, it is GMO-free. In other ways, it means buying ethically and locally (supporting local farmers). It is very hard (almost impossible) to buy perfectly, so we’re doing the best we can.

4. Do you have to order every month?
No! You definitely don’t, BUT the GFC is limited to a certain number of members (in order for it to remain manageable and community-driven), so if you don’t order for 6 months plus (ish), your spot might be given up to someone who is more eager to get involved. We will of course inform you before we delete your account.