Milk Cleanser (200ml)


Why we love it

A purifying and moisturising crème cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin. Credé Black Seed Cleansing Milk is a rich daily cleanser that effectively tackles blemished skin tone and uneven texture. Designed for skin that is dry, flaky, damaged, or inflamed as a result of acne, eczema or related skincare problems. The soothing properties of Black Seed are harnessed for their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

How we use it

Rinse your face with warm water.  Gently massage an almond-sized amount of cleansing milk into the skin of your face and rinse off, avoiding the eye area. Use daily at the start of your skincare routine.

Use with: Use as a daily cleanser ahead of Skin Clearing Serum and Face Cream

What you can expect

The Cleansing Milk comes in a pump action plastic bottle, making it shower-friendly and easy to use. Expect a thick crème cleanser, scented with lemongrass. On application you may at first experience a mild tingling sensation – that is the the essential oils at work.  After use, your skin should feel clean and well-nourished, without the dehydrated sensation that comes from using regular soaps.

What’s in it?
Jojoba Oil
Argan Oil
Lemongrass Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Nigella Sativa Seed Extract
Aloe Leaf Extract
Lavender Oil
Patchouli Oil
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