Lowerland Organic Farm

From me: Lowerland is a truly organic, regenerative farm. The only organic wheat and corn farm in SA. They also have certified organic rye flour, pecan nuts, wine and sometimes pumpkins/garlic. Their meat (beef, pork, venison, lamb) is all 100% pasture raised and their eggs are pastured and certified organic. I use their Kalahari Estate blend flour for pretty much everything I make – bread, pancakes, pizza, muffins, wraps etc. Their organic pecan nuts are export quality and absolutely delicious! Most of the meat is butchered by Ryan Boon.

From Lowerland: Lowerland is a regenerative family farm on the banks of the Orange River, between Prieska and Niekerkshoop in the expansive Northern Cape Province of South Africa. We farm from soil to soul to produce an assortment of delicious, nourishing, and authentic foodstuffs. We grow a variety of animals, annual and perennial crops with a focus on regenerative agriculture, holistic design and diversity throughout the system.

Since 2016, our perennials, grains, and vegetable crops are certified organic and we continue to convert more fields and animals to organic practices each year. Our agricultural practices include:

– Crop rotations
– High density holistic grazing with mixed herds of grazing animals
– Closed loop, integrated production systems
– Interplanting, green planting, no till planting and relay cropping
– Using cover crops and manure to increase soil fertility and lower external inputs
– Minimal interventions, moving away from synthetic fertiliser and chemical control measures

Our farming vision also extends to skills development, equal opportunities, and positive partnerships.

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