Meat the Butcher source their pork from Het Goedgeloof.

“At Het Goedgeloof we believe that healthy, happy pigs on the farm mean healthy, delicious meat on the plate. Het Goedgeloof’s pigs are therefore not only free range, they are pasture raised. This means that our pigs do not live in a barn with an outside area in order to qualify for the free range label. They are born in pens where sow and piglets can walk around. As soon as they are weaned, they are moved to paddocks, where they graze on established pastures which vary according to the season, much as they would in the wild. Obviously we supplement their diet with wholesome food in order to ensure good growth and health, but they are given no food swill, growth hormones or routine antibiotics. Pasture raised pigs mean healthier meat, with more unsaturated fats, Vitamin E and iron than meat from commercially raised pigs. Most importantly, it means more flavoursome, juicier, tastier meat. We are convinced you will be able to taste the difference.”

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