All of my coffees are specialty grade, ethically sourced and fairly traded. Most are also organic and animal habitat friendly.

The coffee you choose is roasted to order the same week it is delivered. Coffee could not be fresher than this. Store-bought coffee can sit on the shelf or in a warehouse for 3-6 months before you open it (quickly going flat and stale).

Each of the coffees in my range is roasted on a Genio roaster, the absolute gold standard, and, as it happens, also proudly South African! The roast you buy is the culmination of 20 years of roasting experience following the pioneering techniques of Master Roaster: Scott Rao.

I try to lessen the burden on the environment where I can; so, my coffees come in soft packs with a recycled paper outer and a clear fully compostable wood cellulose inner. The labels, button stickers and ink are all of vegetable origin. The soft packs are not intended for long-term storage. For this purpose, I offer reusable printed glass jars. The jars are sold at cost and the print should last at least 100 times in the dishwasher.

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