Terms & Conditions

The Newlands Good Food Club is a private membership-based buying club.

We are a community of like-minded people who are committed to sourcing “good food” from various producers as locally and directly as possible.

As a community, we all share in the risk associated with non-delivery or below-standard produce. All purchases and consumption or use of any product/s are done so entirely at your own risk.

If you order any kind of animal product through the GFC (whether meat, dairy, fish or eggs), you do so at your own risk. We do order fish products, chicken, raw milk products, which you must pay special attention to keeping the cold chain unbroken if you order. It is your responsibility to bring cool boxes and ice bricks when you collect your orders.

By accepting these conditions you agree to take all risks associated with any food spoilage and related or unrelated sickness or illness that may occur as a result of consuming any products purchased through the Newlands Good Food Club. You also agree to not hold any person, agent, supplier or customer of, whether related or unrelated to the Newlands Good Food Club, responsible for any injury, sickness or financial loss that may occur from any interaction with the Newlands Good Food Club and its agents.

It is one of our highest values to pay our suppliers as quickly as we can. Therefore, it is important that all members pay their invoices within 2 days of receipt.

It is your responsibility to look through your final invoice to ensure that you received what you have been invoiced for, and you are charged for what you received. If there are problems with your invoice, issues must be raised within 24 hours of receiving that invoice.

By placing an order with the Newlands Good Food Club, you agree to all these Terms & Conditions and agree to not hold Newlands Good Food Club, Debbie Kusel, or any other person associated with the club, liable for any related or unrelated consequences or sicknesses that may or may not occur as a result of non-delivery or faulty/below-standard food or goods.

Right of admission reserved.