What is a Good Food Club?

We are a group of households (a community) who buy good, wholesome food together on a monthly basis. We are passionate about sustainability, care about the earth, and care about what we put into our bodies.

As Michael Pollan says: ‘Serve the kind of food you know the story behind’. We do this by making conscious decisions about who we buy our food from and supporting those that strive to care for the earth, animals and people.

Here’s what we are not: We are not a shop. We are not distributors for our partners. We do not get paid by the producers to sell their food. We are not a retailer. We are not a “budget” buying club. Our aim is not to find the cheapest version of whatever we’re looking for. Our prices may sometimes be higher than your local supermarket, although for the most part we find that they are lower. Cost cutting is not our aim. Eating better is.

How does it work?

We are a monthly buying club. So we encourage members to plan ahead and buy what they will need for the upcoming month.

I will issue you with a member log-in for the ordering website.

The online ordering platform (www.newlandsgoodfoodclub.co.za) opens approximately 2 weeks prior to Collection Day, and members have roughly 7 days to place their order. I will notify you by email that the shop is open. This email will also include product updates such as price increases or new products, and the date of the next Collection Day.

Collection day, happens on the first or second Friday of the month at my house – 7 Lothian Road, Newlands. Each member is given a specific half hour slot between 1pm and 5pm to come and collect. You are very welcome to change your slot each month depending on what works for you. 

If you cannot collect on this day for whatever reason, then we advise that you don’t order for that month.

No cash changes hands – you pay EFT for all your goods. If you are order for the first time I ask for upfront payment. Any orders placed after that are paid for post Collection Day once you receive your final invoice from me. 

Other things to note

Collection Days are crazy, busy, fun days. We ask people to bear with us as we check, double check and triple check your order. We are human, this is a real, raw (sometimes flawed) way of buying food.

A small markup is added to all the produce and food we co-ordinate. This is kept as low as possible and is there to cover the time, energy and resources required by the facilitators to co-ordinate the ordering and distribution.

This is a HUMAN-run buying club, not a shop. That means that if the drought causes a shortage of milk, or the butter tastes different each season, we accept the shortage – because this is real life and we are partnering with farmers/suppliers on this venture. (Obviously if you’ve paid for an item and it doesn’t arrive you will be credited)

Please contact me (Debbie) on newlandsgoodfoodclub@gmail.com or 076 6481839 for more info.

Bank details for NGFC payments:

Mrs. DS Kusel
Standard Bank
Acc: 10095620654
Branch: 051001

1. Is there a minimum purchase amount for each order?
No there isn’t – BUT, if your order is less than R500, I add a R50 admin fee (only because an order of R500 as an order of R5000 takes about the same time to process/manage). This is a standard Good Food Club (GFC) practice.

2. Why don’t you have pictures of all the products?
The shop, unfortunately, does not have product images, because, well, I’m not going for the Online Store of the Year Award – and rustic is our way. I have added the website address for our suppliers so that you can go and take a look yourself. Collection Day is also a good time to take a peek at what different products look like. I have (fairly often) ordered things and been surprised by what they looked/tasted like, but it’s par for the course.

3. I am specifically interested in organic items. Is this the mission of GFC?
The mission of all GFC’s is that you buy BETTER. In some cases it is certified organic, in other cases, it is GMO-free. In other ways, it means buying ethically and locally (supporting local farmers). It is very hard (almost impossible) to buy perfectly, so we’re doing the best we can.

4. Do you have to order every month?
No! You definitely don’t, BUT the GFC is limited to a certain number of members (in order for it to remain manageable and community-driven), so if you don’t order for 6 months plus (ish), your spot might be given up to someone who is more eager to get involved. We will of course inform you before we delete your account.

Terms & Conditions

The Newlands Good Food Club is a private membership-based buying club.

We are a community of like-minded people who are committed to sourcing “good food” from various producers as locally and directly as possible.

As a community, we all share in the risk associated with non-delivery or below-standard produce. All purchases and consumption or use of any product/s are done so entirely at your own risk.

If you order any kind of animal product through the GFC (whether meat, dairy, fish or eggs), you do so at your own risk. We do order fish products, chicken, raw milk products, which you must pay special attention to keeping the cold chain unbroken if you order. It is your responsibility to bring cool boxes and ice bricks when you collect your orders.

By accepting these conditions you agree to take all risks associated with any food spoilage and related or unrelated sickness or illness that may occur as a result of consuming any products purchased through the Newlands Good Food Club. You also agree to not hold any person, agent, supplier or customer of, whether related or unrelated to the Newlands Good Food Club, responsible for any injury, sickness or financial loss that may occur from any interaction with the Newlands Good Food Club and its agents.

It is one of our highest values to pay our suppliers as quickly as we can. Therefore, it is important that all members pay their invoices within 2 days of receipt.

It is your responsibility to look through your final invoice to ensure that you received what you have been invoiced for, and you are charged for what you received. If there are problems with your invoice, issues must be raised within 24 hours of receiving that invoice.

By placing an order with the Newlands Good Food Club, you agree to all these Terms & Conditions and agree to not hold Newlands Good Food Club, Debbie Kusel, or any other person associated with the club, liable for any related or unrelated consequences or sicknesses that may or may not occur as a result of non-delivery or faulty/below-standard food or goods.

Right of admission reserved.


Our History

This all started because of a love of olive oil. Assuming that if she bought in large quantities she could negotiate lower prices, our friend Liesl Stewart began buying it in bulk for her and her friends. Soon she became known as the “olive oil lady”. As delicious as the olive oil was, it was unfortunately manufactured in Italy. This became a real problem as she started to learn more about the benefits and responsibilities of supporting local producers. And so her journey to source and provide good, locally produced and sustainable food for her family began.

As her enthusiasm and discoveries spread her friends wanted in, and her olive oil group soon grew to include pesto and cheese. Once again, they discovered that price and delivery is directly related to volume, and so Liesl’s home became the hub for monthly orders of these goods. Her friends would pop in once a month to fetch their orders and Liesl really enjoyed this time to chat to those she wouldn’t necessarily see that often. It became a connecting point based on a growing common desire to put good, well-produced food onto their families’ tables.